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CUMINE:• For the removal of supragingival calculus and plaque from teeth. Scalers are used above the gum line, and curettes are used below it. Use of a scaler below the gum line is likely to damage the gingiva (gums). Scalers have pointed ends.

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Cumine Sickle Scaler is a double-ended tool used to remove supragingival calculus. One of the ends is spoon-shaped which may be used to remove stains. The main structure consists of handle, shank, and cutting edge. The cutting edges stay sharper for longer periods of time due to our distinctive diamond edge technology. This technology is based on a superior alloy of stainless steel that reduces the risk of damage associated with frequent re-sharpening.

Cumine Scaler is a Double Ended Sickle Scaler with Spoon end for stain removal, sickle end for supragingival scaling. These dental instruments are commonly used for root planing and scaling procedures such as removing calculus above and below the gum line.

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