UNIVERSAL CUT AND HOLD DISTAL END CUTTER /standard ( with tungsten carbide tip )

2.54 out of 5 based on 323 customer ratings
(323 customer reviews )

$25.00 $22.00

  • Orthodontic Distal End Wire Cutter Flush

  • Mini Head and Standard Head Available

  • 17-4 Stainless Steel hardness up to HRC58-63 ,long life

  • Cut wire size: 021″ x .025″ (.53 mm x .64 mm)

  • Edage of plier’s handle more smoother ,comfortable feel

400 in stock

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Dental Orthodontic Distal Wire Cutter,Orthodontic Flush Wire Cutter, Distal End Cutter With Safety Holder,Cut Wire Up To A Maximum Of .021″ x .025″ (.53 mm x .64 mm) Long Handle (Standard Head

When used intraorally it safely holds the cut portion to be discarded. Patient comfort is enhanced by the smooth, tapered tip. Instrument is approximately 4.5″ long.

It can cuts and holds wire distally flush to the buccal tube or bracket while reducing debondings.

designed for all types of wire up to a maximum of .021″ x .025″ (.53 mm x .64 mm).

Customers' review

Rated 2.54 out of 5 stars
323 reviews
5 stars 12 3 %
4 stars 80 24 %
3 stars 73 22 %
2 stars 65 20 %
1 star 92 28 %

323 reviews for UNIVERSAL CUT AND HOLD DISTAL END CUTTER /standard ( with tungsten carbide tip )

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